Photographs from the trollope-l trip to England

Taken by Sigmund Eisner and his daughter Tori

November 1999

In November 1999, list member Ellen Moody gave the keynote address to the Annual General Meeting of the Trollope Society. A number of English and American members of the list took the opportunity to meet in London the week of Ellen's visit and tour some of the significant sites of Anthony Trollope's life and career.

This page contains the reduced-size images of Sigmund's photos. Click on the individual photo to see the full-size image. This setup is designed to minimize the loading time of this page, as some of the original images are quite large.

The Bedesmen's House

Mr. Harding's House I

Mr. Harding's House II

Knight's Tomb, Salisbury Cathedral

Ellen Moody, with husband Jim, daughter Isabel
16th Century pub in Salisbury

Joan Wall, Angela Richardson, Catherine Crean
16th Century pub in Salisbury

Sigmund Eisner at Trollope's Grave
Kensal Green Cemetery

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